What We're Listening to This Week! November 07 2014

The Beatles Love Album is a compelling version of many of their most famous tracks, that any audiophile will certainly appreciate.

The producers utilized all original Beatles takes, in a new way. This is definitely the cleanest sounding, most detailed portrayal of The Beatles music yet. They did an incredible job removing the noise on this album and it sounds superb.

The pairing of the BMC CS2 amplifier, and BDCD 1.1 CD Player with XLR cables allow B.M.C.'s balanced Current Injection (CI) input to enhance the immediacy of reproduced music by processing the signal current of the source until it reaches the speaker's output voltage. Alongside the 2014 The Absolute Sound Editors' Choice Legacy Focus SE, The Beatles sounded incredible!

You can literally hear a bird fly across the soundstage from the Focus SE with such a convincing phantom center, you will think you have a center channel. Classic music and details for days. Happy listening!

Music: "Love" by The Beatles

Player: B.M.C. BDCD 1.1 CD Belt Drive Player

Amplification: B.M.C. Stereo CS2 Integrated Amplifier

Speakers: Legacy Audio Focus SE

Cables: Kimber Hero HB Interconnects and Kimber Kimber 12TC Speaker Cable

Listen For: The buzzing bee and bird flying by your head on track one

Tips: Utilize the BMC CD Player alongside the BMC CS2 to benefit from Current Injection Technology

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