Coda TS Stereo Amplifier


  • 400 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms
  • 800 Watts per channel into 4 Ohms
  • Precision Bias Class A operation to 10 Watts, sliding to Class AB at higher output level
  • True state-of-the-art high-performance, high-current amplifier in an affordable, hand crafted chassis
  • Fully discrete FET differential input stage DC coupled to an ultra
  • wideband bipolar output stage
  • Very high linear damping with minimal feedback
  • AC-coupled unbalanced input and true DC coupled balanced input
  • 3.0 kVA toroidal power transformer
  • Low-impedance power supply filter capacitor array
  • Power supply status indicators
  • 10 year warranty / 5 year transferable
  • Designed, manufactured and assembled in the US

The Coda Continuum Ts amplifier is designed with the same level of thoroughness usually reserved for the ­best ampli­fier gain stages. Balanced interconnections are provided to take advantage of their greater noise rejection they provide. Differential voltage gain throughout provides exceptional rejection of external noise and contributes to the inherent DC stability of the circuit. This allows direct coupling at the Balanced Inputs without servo circuitry. The unit also uses output followers operating without feedback.

The front end is designed to provide a slew rate of 50 V/us without entering Class B operation as is common in many other designs. This combined with excellent high frequency design insures linear operation at high speed. The supplies take a very direct approach to high performance. A top quality 2000VA toroidal transformer with independent recti­fiers and about 80,000 uf of total capacitance with very low ESR and inductance are used.

The current stage is capable of producing currents in excess of 100 peak Amperes with a degree of linearity and speed which is not matched by other designs when producing only a fraction of this current. This is achieved by the implementation of several distinct circuit features.

Each channel uses 20 individual output transistors with a combined power capability of 3600 Watts and 75 Amps with a bandwidth of 10 Mhz. The bias section is designed to produce a precision transition with no abrupt changes in distortion or output impedance. This “Precision Bias” technique yields seamless performance regardless of the complexity of the load impedance. With such linearity and bandwidth, no overall feedback correction is used. One advantage of this is a high degree of immunity from interactions with complex speaker loads or cables.

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