Raven Audio Osprey MK3 Integrated Amplifier


The 30 watt per channel Osprey Integrated has all of the Blackhawk's features and sound characteristics with 50% more power. If you are driving speakers that are lower efficiency or just want more power the Osprey is a great choice. It is an uncompromising member of the Avian Series with highest quality components.

It handles digital and analog with a no compromising smooth, detailed and accurate sound across the spectrum. Unlike most tube amplifiers, there is no roll off in the high frequencies.  You will hear every detail in any recording. A massively built proprietary power supply allows the Osprey to drive speakers well beyond a typical 100 watt per channel solid state amplifier.  Extraordinarily speed results in a tight, articulate, and well-defined bass. 

All Raven Audio products are made in the U.S.A. and are built to military specifications. They last a lifetime. 

American Made

Did we mention Raven is American made? This is directly related to the core culture at Rave Audio. Our quality of construction and sound quality standards, mean that we must manufacture in America. We hold our partners to the highest level of quality requirements which means we have to be physically near every part of the manufacturing process.

High-Pass Crossover

This addition to the Avian series provides an extraordinary advantage when using a subwoofer. It frees the power amp from 65% of the load it normally has to bare. This is like tripling the power of the amplifier in terms of its ability to drive speakers. It also frees smaller speakers from reproducing low bass frequencies that they really don’t reproduce very well which lowers overall distortion. This is all achieved with a gentle 6db per octave slope making it easy to achieve a seamless transition with a good quality subwoofer.

Proprietary audio/power transformers

Because power and audio transformers to the Avian series design, custom transformers for both electrical power and audio had to be designed. Again, these are built in the U.S.A and are designed to last a lifetime.

Audiophile Connectors

All of our MK3 series Avian integrated amplifiers have upgraded nonpc board audiophile grade RCA connectors. They are made of 99.95 percent oxygen-free copper and are gold plated. Each heavy duty connector is individually hand soldered to oxygen free copper wire.

The speaker binding post are also 99.95 percent oxygen-free copper with gold plating. They accept banana, spade, and bare wire as large as 8 gauge.

Features and Specifications

Output: 30wpc
Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz
Speaker terminals: 4 and 8 ohm
Inputs: 6 single-ended RCA
Recommended speaker sensitivity: 85dB - 95dB
Dimensions: W 15.5" x D 14" x H 6.5"
Weight: 35lbs

Tube Complement

2 x 12AT7 - Preamplifier stage
2 x 12AT7 - Power amplifier first stage
2 x 12AU7 - Phase inverter/driver
4 x 6L6GC - Power tubes

"Spot-on bass/treble balance"

~ John Gatski - Everything Audio Network

"Like old Mac MC30s, the Raven Osprey is perfect for stand speakers; the Legacy Studio HDs and the Amphions really shined — with a spot-on bass/treble balance and a golden, sparkling top end.

the Raven Audio Osprey is a good choice for a low-powered, tube integrated for small-room listening. Vinyl fans, hi-res audio aficionados and those who just like the glow of the valve, will like this amp."

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