Legacy iV Amp "is Revolutionary!"

Legacy iV Amp "is Revolutionary!"

Recipient of the Salon AV EXPERT’S CHOICE Award

"The i·V amplifiers, developed by the American company, Legacy Audio, should be considered truly revolutionary."

"Yes, this is class D, but very advanced, not inferior in objective characteristics to class A. In audio, as I have repeatedly said, it’s important not just what you do, but how you do it. This is the path that Bill Duddleston, founder and chief designer of Legacy Audio, took."

"The company is famous for its speaker systems and classic, impressive American-style, and now the R&D team decided to make a sharp throw into the future and developed a line of amplifiers- the iV series. These letters mean current multiplied by voltage (i.e. power), and the number after shows how many channels are hidden under the housing cover. The platform on which the series is built allows you to implement from one to eight channels in one chassis. Such unification, among other things, significantly reduces the cost of production."

"With very modest overall dimensions, the amplifier is capable of delivering up to two kilowatts of power with negligible distortion. The iV series uses the new ICEdge® chipset from IcePower with truly unique characteristics.  The iV has a wiring that is used not in digital, but in analog technology. In the controller, the circuits belonging to different channels are physically separated."


"The front panel meter shows the degree of load on the power supply."

"The amplifier also has a “smart” protection system that cuts off power during a short circuit at the output and overheating. It only happens when there is a real danger and warns of an emergency in advance."

"At two hours of work, the amplifier is barely warm. High quality RCA and XLR inputs for each channel, speaker binding posts and remote on / off via a 12-volt trigger and general power protection with a 12-amp breaker are provided at the rear."

"At the beginning of the year at the Florida Audio Expo, the seven-channel version, iV7, received one of three Best of 2020 awards (making it the top three in all audio exhibits.)"

"On the Legacy Signature SE, the amplifier clearly controlled the dual bass section, and the rest of the speaker. The amplifier maintains the correct scale between quiet and loud sounds. We experienced an impressive combination of a sharp, powerful low frequency control and an abundance of subtle strokes up to the upper limit of audibility. The amplifier demonstrates iron grip where it is needed, such as for bass frequencies, and shows audiophile delicacy in the middle range, delivering an incredible amount of musical information."

"The amplifier creates an “atmosphere” that is quite tangible- the upper register is absolutely transparent, without veil. Even at very loud SPL, which, coupled with competent damping..."

"The i·V amplifier creates a feeling of complete unity of the amplifier and speaker."

"The higher the resolution of the audio file, the more voluminous the scene becomes, the more accurately virtual images are drawn in it. And this, too, can be considered a merit of the new technology in i·V amplifiers."

"With the iV series,it doesn’t matter what kind of material we used- from the Mad Max soundtrack with Blu-Ray or the output from an audiophile phono stage…

"This unit will not disappoint."

Amplifier: Legacy Audio i·V2

Speakers: Legacy Audio Signature SE

Review by: Nikolay Efremov in Salon AV Magazine

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