Coda 16.0 “The New Champ: Speed of a 211 SET Amp Plus 100 Watts Class-A Power!”

Coda 16.0 “The New Champ: Speed of a 211 SET Amp Plus 100 Watts Class-A Power!”

Stereo Times' Terry London Reviews the Coda 16.0 Stereo Amplifier

“The Coda 16.0 amplifier offers boundless macro-dynamics/powerful control of low-end frequencies, gorgeous color/tonality, a silky smooth presentation, and the ability to render lifelike spatial dimensions rarely found in solid-state amplifiers."

"Because of its ability to drop immense current (100 amperes) it will easily drive virtually any speaker on the market today yet retains a beautiful musicality that many “muscle” amplifiers on the market totally miss out on."

"Whatever, Coda created in their latest generation of equipment, starting with the No. 8 Amplifier and FET 07x Preamplifier, they have brought it to their new flagship 16.0 Class-A Amplifier."

"Regardless of what speakers, DACs, and preamplifiers I used in my auditioning process to drive my system using the 16.0 amplifier, there were clearly five areas that were improved- better than anything in my stable of solid-state/tube amplifiers."

"It was noticeable that the total noise floor of my system was now at an astoundingly lower level than before. The Coda No.8 had been the quietest amplifier I had used compared to other excellent amps in my collection. However, the 16.0 became the new “champ” in this regard."

“My way of expressing what the 16.0 amplifier was rendering at the highest level, was that the smallest micro-details would just float out of the background in an easier to hear fashion and the overall mosaic of the music blended more naturally.” 

“The 16.0 amplifier nailed every stop/start with precision and an overall effortlessness that made all the pop and pace of the music clearly present. It was as if the 16.0 amplifier had the speed of a 211 SET amplifier that could drop 100-watts of Class-A power!”

“With no effort, the 16.0 amplifier pressurized my acoustic space with a visceral response in my gut. I would attribute this ability to create such accurate/precise sub-sonics and grunt to the 16.0 amplifier’s immense power supply and its ability to drop up to 100 Amperes of current per channel on a peak transient.”

“Internally, you will find first-rate craftsmanship, excellent components such as double-sided gold-plated circuit boards and a very high-quality 3.0kVA toroidal power transformer.”

“One of my favorite pieces of classical music is “Beethoven’s Symphony No. 6 in F Major, Op. 68 (Pastoral) by the London Symphony Orchestra in 1962. If an amplifier is up to the task, along with the rest of the system, two sonic qualities can be experienced. First, you will be transported to the large acoustic space of Watford Town Hall with the illusion of a gigantic realistically layered orchestra in front of you that transcends the boundaries of your listening space. Secondly, the timbre and color of the string section is beautifully captured on this recording. Therefore, the delicacy and sweetness of these string instruments should be easily heard and connected to in an emotional fashion. The 16.0 amplifier brought both these wonderful sonic virtues to a superlative level I had never experienced before in the many years I have listened to this selection of music.”

“When you figure in the 16.0 amplifier’s build quality, the quality of its internal components, that’s completely hand-built here in the US, and not inexpensively, but very competitively priced compared to other US-based high-end companies, the 16.0 amplifier is a great addition to the world of audiophile-level equipment. With all I shared in this review I don’t think it’s a surprise I’m figuring out a way to finance my purchase of the 16.0 amplifier because I don’t want it to leave my system.”

-Terry London, Stereo Times

We frequently pair this amp with speakers from Legacy Audio, Thiel, Sonus Faber, Wilson, and more.

The Coda 16.0 Stereo Amplifier is currently shipping at Destination HiFi- contact us at 818-732-1448 or here, to learn more about this incredible amplifier, and getting the most from your system.

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