Legacy Audio CA

Welcome to the online home of Legacy Audio CA: the west coast's premiere Legacy Audio showroom.

Located in Los Angeles, CA, and shipping all over the USA, we feature the entire line of Legacy Audio speakers- all available for audition and purchase. From the VALORV, & Whisper, to Aeris & Focus SE, we are here to bring you the world’s finest speakers, amplifiers and audio electronics. 

We are the only Legacy Audio dealer who also tunes the speakers in your room and has trained under designer Bill Dudleston while working in the Springfield, IL factory, and are now located in California. We have worked for Legacy for over 20 years, overseeing and tuning speakers for professional installs with...

Clients ranging from SONY Music & Epic Records, music industry giant L.A. Reid (3x Grammy Award winner, CEO, and X Factor judge) and Daron Malakian (Grammy winning rock band System of a Down), to audiophiles looking for the best sound possible. 

As head tech for Legacy DSP and room tuning specialist for the world, you're not just purchasing a speaker system, but also our experience ensures you get the best possible sound from your Legacy system.

Compare Legacy speakers, in person side by side in our soundproofed showroom to find the perfect match- alongside a host of complementing electronics from CODA, LyngdorfBMC, AVM, Bohmer Audio & more. Audition and experience for yourself why our expertise has been utilized to setup top of the line Legacy Audio Stereo and Atmos Surround Sound systems.