“Coda CSiB Beautifully Amplifies Everything- from Symphony Orchestra to Rock Concert Wall of Sound.” - Review

 “The CSiB integrated circuit features advanced capabilities for setting up an audio system and building on its architecture. The input switcher allows you to connect four sources, including one balanced input. You can set an individual sensitivity value for each input (to perfectly match all of your gear). The CSiB also has two line level outputs for adding active subwoofers, with independent level adjustment, as well as a tape loop in and out for recording and monitoring.” 

“The input path is borrowed from the flagship Coda 07X preamplifier, built on the Burr Brown PGA2310 processor, powered by proprietary broadband stabilizers. The transistors feature characteristics that are very similar to the pleasing effect of vacuum tubes.” 

“The impressive steel chassis features a milled aluminum front panel, available in silver or black.” 

“The more complex the musical work, the more obvious the musical abilities of the Coda CSiB are. CSiB draws subtle touches of the musical picture, including all of the overtones and natural reverberations, to form the atmosphere of the event that unfold in front of the listener. On concert recordings, the hall is heard in its entirety- even barely noticeable reflections.

"There is no harshness, no coloration, not even the slightest artifacts introduced to the sound- you just listen to music. Everything is balanced both in tone and scale of the instruments. CSiB is capable of the full power of a real symphony orchestra or the wall of sound at a rock concert.”


“Coda is a highly reputable American company specializing in the production of high-end amplifiers. Perhaps this brand is not as well known as, for example, Krell, but the experience and knowledge of the specialists at Coda, is no less. Founded by renowned designers Eric Lochley, Doug Dale and Lauryn Peterson, the company has been designing amplifiers since 1985. Dale started his career at Threshold Audio, where he worked side by side with Nelson Pass, after which each of them created their own company. “

“Regardless of genre, the CSiB amplifier beautifully presents both chamber compositions and modern recordings, from jazz quartets, to the BSO and System of a Down.”

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