“What a Person Needs for Audio Nirvana” A Legacy Focus SE with Coda 16.0 & 07x Electronics Review

“What a Person Needs for Audio Nirvana” A Legacy Focus SE with Coda 16.0 & 07x Electronics Review

Salon Audio Video reviews the Legacy Focus SE powered by the Coda 16 Stereo Amplifier and 07X Preamplifier

“The drive of the system is felt from the very beginning and constantly demonstrates its scale. The Focus SE speakers play well with any genre, including the heaviest ones. The Legacy Focus SE, combined with CODA components, is able to play very low notes, with tight and full bass. But at the same time they cope well with the smallest details and perfectly convey the voice and instruments, creating the feeling that you are at a live concert. Time has flown by very imperceptibly.”

“The sound is voluminous, I really liked it. Energetically charged sound. This is undoubtedly the merit of the Coda 16.0 amplifier combination.”


“The tight bass impressed me so much that for the sake of interest I looked behind the speakers.  There are two ports at the rear- I put my palm on them at the most dynamic moments - despite the dense sound, there is almost no air movement - that is, the speakers themselves do most of the work.”

“The main feeling that this system gives is that you are at a concert, the word “scale” pops up again in your thoughts. Moreover, this impression is enhanced by the effect that the sound is completely independent of the speakers.”

“Any flaws in the recording quality do not distract at all.”

“A feeling of truly boundless space and some unreal dynamics.”

 “I caught myself thinking that I was sitting at a concert. The Legacy with Coda electronics system plays very cleanly, individual instruments in the orchestra are clearly audible, and the sound is natural and unconstrained- free.”

-Original Review, Salon Auto Video, 2023 

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