“I really am enjoying these babies and James has been fantastic! Over and above service!!!!"

-Michael B., Woodland Hills, CA

"Thanks again for your excellent service with my new Focus speakers. No one could ask for better. I've spent several hours today enjoying my new speakers, and look forward to many more years of audio fun."

-Jason P., Bakersfield,CA

"Great Day James, I had an opportunity to listen to the Coda S5.5 amplifier, over the weekend and I am impressed! My listening has been through Magnepan 0.7s, the sound is refined, detailed, and powerful, with a huge vocal presentation. No part of the music is obscured in any way but the vocals always steal the show. The sky is limit with Coda, thanks again for making this happen!"

-Byron B, AL

"James is a magician and really knows his stuff! Like I told you I have NEVER got goose bumps listening to my stereo for about 30 years. I have finally got the sound I've been dreaming of."

-Alfred A., Everett, WA

"Yesterday James from Legacy came to tune my speakers to my room. He brought his laptop, spectrum analyzer, reference tracks, and all his knowledge and experience. The system now sounds nothing short of amazing. It has the ability to transform the room into a venue. The sound is large and powerful while graceful, smooth and detailed. It's seductive."

-Javier U., Huntington Beach, CA

"Nice to talk with a reputable audio vendor, even better, without the attitude. Thank you for your ever-present courtesy. You are a paradigm, a positive standout..." "Fit and finish of all 4 units are to highest standards, everybody coming inside admires your fine workmanship. I love the sound of your fine, fine speakers. Thank you for calling, quality consulting is always appreciated."

-William J., San Marcos, CA 

"Got me the Focus SE with the Silverscreen center. Having James from Destination Hifi come over Thurs. to integrate the Wavelet with my Focuse SE and my SVS SB16  James is very knowledgeable and is great to work with. Highly recommended. Can't wait till Thursday!"

-Jim Bauer, Los Angeles, CA

"Thanks for the tune yesterday the system is sounding great!"

-Henry B., Jamul, CA

"Hi James, the system and the room are rocking. I am just getting comfortable opening the throttle on this system and it's scary how clear and powerful the sound is."

-John H., Ventura, CA

"My Legacy Whisper XD's arrived last week and I've been listening to them with my Cherry Mono's. In terms of speakers, I think I finally reached speaker utopia (best speakers I ever heard, and I heard many). I couldn't be happier."

-Mike D., Los Angeles, CA

"Always appreciate the prompt reply with our correspondence. All the info helps. Thanks for answering all the questions. The legacy speakers are great. I played them today and I'm thrilled."

-Tom D. San Gabriel, CA

"Everything is hooked up and now works perfectly. Everything is a marvelous addition. Thanks again for all your assistance."

-Bari E., San Francisco, CA

"James, thanks for your help so far. I can't thank you enough."

-Don A., Laguna Niguel, CA

"Thank you very much, James. The finish is beautiful, and I have them up and running. I'm dialing in the speakers, and enjoying them every day!"

-Joel S., Fresno, CA

"Got the Lyngdorf MP-60 2.1 set up over the weekend and have been enjoying movies and music with it. The change is phenomenal from my old Yamaha processor! "

-Alex S, Tucson, AZ

"The speakers sound fantastic and seem right at home. Thanks again."

-Martin H., Las Vegas, NV