Destination HiFi Room Tuning


Do you want to experience the full power and performance possibilities of your VALOR, V, Whisper, Aeris or Focus speaker system?

When you purchase from Destination HiFi, you are not just purchasing a product, but also the care and experience needed to fine tune your speakers.

James has personally tuned Legacy systems in London, Russia, NYC, LA and more, for audiophiles, GRAMMY winners and music industry giants alike at SONY, Epic Records, and more.

Once your Legacy speakers arrive, we travel to you to help set them up. The DSP processor allows us to compensate for any sized room (yes this is the same process recommended by The Absolute Sound's review and Golden Ear award.)

This precise control over the speakers allows us to tune them specifically for your room. Have slow bass in your room? It's not a problem anymore! Are some of your recordings too bright, or lacking bass impact? We can create presets specifically for your record collection!

After we set them up for you, we even teach you how to use the software on your own, to create your own presets.

Watch Destination HiFi's James, in the technical video here.

"Yesterday James from Legacy came to tune my speakers to my room. He brought his laptop, spectrum analyzer, reference tracks, and all his knowledge and experience. The system now sounds nothing short of amazing. It has the ability to transform the room into a venue. The sound is large and powerful while graceful, smooth and detailed. It's seductive."

-Javier U., Huntington Beach, CA

Available in the USA only.