CODA Continuum No. 8 Stereo Amplifier


"The $6,200 Coda No. 8 is very musical yet very detailed in ways that make me think that a fairer comparison would be my $13,5000 Pass Labs XA-60.8 monoblocks, which is a significant accolade for the Coda No. 8, as the Pass 60.8s are mean competitors costing far more money." -Read the review, here

150 watts into 8 ohms

300 watts into 4 ohms

The first 18 watts of power is pure Class A

20 individual output transistors per channel, with a combined power capability of 3,600 watts and 75 amps with a bandwidth of 10 MHz

150 amperes on dynamic peaks

Damping factor of 200

Distortion rating- .0089 % THD

1 Pair XLR Inputs

1 Pair RCA Inputs

62 pounds

5.5 inches high by 17 inches wide by 14 inches deep

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