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CODA Technologies

CODA SV System Voltage Amplifier

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This unique amplifier system splits the voltage and current gain required to increase power into discrete components. In doing so the high impedance voltage gain components are removed from the influence of the massive currents flowing through the current stage resulting in lower noise. Additionally the voltage gain stage is independent of the fluctuating power demands of the current stages and will not load as power is delivered.

The system is the evolution of the highly acclaimed System 100 which developed a strong following among those with highly demanding speakers such as the Apogee Scintilla with its notorious 1 Ohm loads. The new amp benefits from the advance of transistor technology since then and betters the performance in almost every respect.

The CODA SV System Voltage Amplifier is capable of powering 1 CODA S150 or S250 Amplifier System.

SV: independently regulated with toroidal transformer and 10,000 uF capacitance

SV S150/250
Height: 2.25" Face plate, 2.50” Overall
Depth: 9.75"
Width: 18.5” Face plate, 17.0" Chassis
Weight: 10 lbs., 14 lbs., Shipping Weight:
Power Requirement: 10 Watts Power Requirement