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HB Cable Design

HB PowerSlave Marble Power Distributor

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Extreme build quality
• Unlimited dynamics
• High resolution with decay and micro detail

• Creates a new standard in magic sound staging

• Made with high quality parts
• Special internal connection conception
• Constant and full energy supply for any A/V system on the worldwide market

The total product is more than the sum of its parts ...

This observation is nothing new. But the uncompromising realization of this idea in the field of high-end audio can truly be described as an innovation.

We strictly adhered to this principle in the design of our HB PowerSlave Marble power strip which represents an integrated link in a chain of components systematically developed as part of an overriding concept.

The role and purpose of the PowerSlave Marble at the head of the chain is to provide a full and level, i.e. degradation-free and constant supply of electrical energy, the carrier and transmitter of the music signal to the various connected components that comprise the sound system.

The HB power strip PowerSlave is encased in black gold-flecked marble, and represents a revolutionary designed system of power distribution stations, each of which continuously generates an identical – and above all consistent – energy supply, meaning they service the low resistance outlets with no surges or drops in power. Innovative shielding materials separate the individual outlets from each other as well as from external sources of distortion.

... Every part affects the character of the whole

Product Specifications:


Extreme heavy weight (40 lbs.) housing made from Italian marble. The material grants full noise reduction and elimination of any vibrations.


8 places with custom made sockets, made in Germany with gold-plated contacts to improve transition resistance

IEC plug:

Custom made appliance plug, made in Germany with gold-plated solid contacts, copper alloy with 2-layer gold plating; anti-magnetic

Internal wiring:

Selected silver and copper for use as conductor in different material extreme construction
All contacts in brass or copper with gold plating for optimal transition resistance
Power supply to each single place separately. Natural noise damping material inside
Cable diameter for each place about 20 mm

Internal grounding:

Solid housing, no filter, no fuse!


Length: 29.0”
Width: 6.3”
Height 4.3” (without spikes)
Additional: Variable spikes up to 1.8”


41 lbs.